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Restoration work is underway!

Over the last couple of years we built a new dock to improve access, and took a number of measures to stabilize and preserve the integrity of the structure.  Work to rebuild the lower gallery (balcony) which was blown away by Superstorm Sandy is now underway, the upper gallery is being restored, and the interior is being fully renovated and opened up.  Some windows and other features are being restored and replaced as needed. The goal is to complete the work in 2020.

The restoration work is being overseen and conducted by a dream-team of best-in-class engineers, construction managers, preservationists, and construction experts, led by:


  • Cory Attra of Beacon Projects, who is overseeing engineering and project management.  Cory brings a wealth of experience and a Naval background to the project, and is brilliant at finding practical solutions to seemingly intractable problems.    Beacon is also overseeing the restoration of Greens Ledge Lighthouse.


  • Michael Gnazzo of Cenaxo, who is leading the restoration work. Mike's unmatched vision and expertise at restoration and preservation has improved the project immensely, and his excitement about the history of the lighthouse has inspired many improvements.  Cenaxo also restored the nearby Sheffield Island Lighthouse.


  • Gary Wetmore of G&C Marine, who built our incredible dock, and provided barges and transportation.  Gary's experience as a master builder of docks and other marine structures was invaluable in designing and building the dock and improving access to our lighthouse. G&C is the premier marine contractor in the region.

Photos showing our progress are below

SK1 - Conceptual Plan
SK1 - Conceptual Plan
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